Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Daysy

I sleep with my mouth open. Can I still use Daysy?

Yes. If you sleep with your mouth open, just close it once and swallow before you measure. The measurement is finished when the temperature has reached its final value and you hear a soft beep beep from Daysy. Daysy may take couple of seconds longer to measure for those users who sleep with their mouth open. Please be sure not to open your mouth while measuring.

How does Daysy work?

Daysy is programmed with a complex algorithm which evaluates your cycle by tracking your morning temperature (taken under the tongue) and knowing when you have your period. Daysy will then show you right away if you are currently fertile or not.

Does Daysy come with all the necessary accessories?

Yes, your initial Daysy order includes everything you need.

Will my displayed fertility status be correct while I am taking medication?

That depends on whether the medication influences your body temperature or your cycle. In general, you should skip measurements while you are taking such medication. If you have doubts, contact your doctor or our customer service team.

Does illness reduce the reliability of the device?

In general, you should skip measurements during illness, fever, and while you are taking medication that can have an influence on your body temperature or cycle. If you have doubts, contact your doctor or our customer service team.

What do I do when I stop using Daysy?

Remove the battery and store Daysy in a dry location in its original packaging, if available. You can find more information in the instruction manual.

How long until Daysy knows my personal cycle?

The first 2-4 cycles of use are considered Daysy's learning phase. Over the course of her learning phase, Daysy will come to understand you cycle and begin narrowing down your fertile window. Daysy remains quite cautious and conservative during this time, which is why Daysy is safe starting the very first day.

Which birth control do I use during my fertile days?

Use a barrier method that works for you, such as a condom or a diaphragm.

What happens if I miss a measurement?

Based on its recorded data, Daysy can compensate for the occasional missed reading. We still recommend you measure as regularly as possible so that your fertile phase can be narrowed down as precisely as possible. Skipping a measurement has no influence on Daysy's safety. She will remain cautious if she does not have the data she needs. If you have to skip measurements due to illness, Daysy will get back on track once you start again.

When can I start to rely on Daysy's results?

You can rely on Daysy's results starting the very first day of use. In the beginning, you will see more yellow and red days because Daysy is cautious and still learning your unique cycle. You will see more green days as Daysy comes to understand your cycle and can narrow down your fertile window. The more regularly you measure, the better.

Do alcohol or smoking influence the measurement?

Smoking should not influence the result. Alcohol, if consumed excessively or when your body is not used to it, does influence basal body temperature. If you can feel that you were drinking yesterday, you should skip your reading in the morning. If you feel just fine and have no headache or other symptoms of alcohol consumption, you are fine to temp as usual.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Default delivery will be by First Class mail with an expected delivery of 5 -10 days. For the delivery of your order, you may choose to upgrade your shipping to Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery) or Express Mail (1 day delivery to most locations). You can find all the information in the general terms and conditions.

Does Daysy come with a warranty?

Daysy comes with a 2-year warranty. You can find all the relevant information in the general terms and conditions.

How often should I take my temperature?

Ideally, you measure daily. The fewer measurements you miss, the better.

When does Daysy display a pregnancy?

Daysy can suspect a pregnancy as early as 15 days after ovulation (red, yellow, and green blinking lights) and can confirm a pregnancy as early as 19 days after ovulation (red, yellow, and green lights remain solidly lit).

Can I share Daysy with a friend?

No, Daysy is your individual fertility tracker with your individual data.

Questions about DaysyView

Does the app DaysyView work with Android and iOS?

Yes, DaysyView works with most Androids and iOS.

Do I have to download the app to use Daysy?

No. You can use Daysy without the app. Daysy takes your temperature, performs your fertility calculations, and houses all of your data.

What is DaysyView?

DaysyView is an app available for free download in your app store. The app can be used with or without Daysy. When used and synchronized with Daysy, the app displays your past, current and future fertility status.

Can I import data from other apps?

No, unless you use DaysyView without Daysy. In that case, you can enter your data manually. As soon as DaysyView is used with Daysy, it only considers her data and previous data will be deleted.

Can I change my period data in DaysyView?

Yes, you can edit your data up to three days after in the app. First refresh the data in DaysyView by synchronizing. Then select the day you want to edit and make your changes. Make sure to save your changes and synchronize Daysy with the app again right afterwards. Daysy should not be connected while you're making changes in DaysyView. We recommend you enter your menstruation data directly with Daysy whenever possible.

How do I synchronize Daysy with DaysyView?

Open the app to the calendar view, turn Daysy on, connect the TRRS cable to Daysy, and then plug the other end into your smartphone/iPad to start synchronization. If you're using a smartphone without an outlet for headphones, please use the adapter.

On which devices can I install DaysyView?

The app DaysyView is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets from the app store. There you will also find the latest versions and information on software requirements.

Can I enter my past menstruation dates once I start using Daysy?

No. Daysy begins her calculations starting the first day of measuring.

Which data can be uploaded?

When you synchronize Daysy with DaysyView, all data on Daysy is transmitted. If you are using the app without Daysy, you can manually enter your values into the calendar.

Can I use a different cable to connect Daysy to the app?

Please only use the cable we provided. Contact customer service if you no longer have it.

How do I use Daysy?

What is the best way to measure?

Use Daysy in the morning right after waking up, before getting up and becoming active. Measure below your tongue, with your mouth closed, and keep the device steady while it is measuring. We do recommend that you sleep 3-4 hours before measuring.

I had a sleepless night. Can I still rely on Daysy?

Yes, you can always rely on Daysy. If you have to skip a measurement after a sleepless night, Daysy will still reliably display your fertility status. Depending on where you are in your cycle, Daysy will react accordingly.

Is there something I have to be aware of when traveling to a different time zone?

If you traveled overnight, skip the first measurement after your arrival and continue to measure regularly the next day after resuming a normal sleep cycle. Do the same thing when you return home from traveling.

I want to start using Daysy after a pregnancy. What do I do?

Please contact your customer service for guidance.

I missed a couple of measurements. What should I do?

One or two skipped measurements are not a problem; Daysy will simply use your earlier data to calculate your fertility. Multiple missing values per cycle will lead to a higher number of red or yellow days.

How can I check my fertility status later in the day?

Simply press the activation button and your fertility status will be displayed.

Can I measure multiple times per day?

No. Daysy will only record the first measurement of the day.

When can I start using Daysy?

You can start using Daysy on any day of your cycle. If you were using hormonal birth control before, stop using it before you begin measuring. The first bleeding after coming off hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleeding and must not be entered as your period. Please make sure your first menstruation entry is on the first day of active bleeding and flow.

Where do I measure?

Below the tongue in the pocket next to your frenulum and with your mouth closed. It is best to measure on the same side each morning if comfortable.

I am slowly approaching menopause. Can I still use Daysy?

Yes, you can. Daysy is also reliable during the transition to menopause. If your ovulation is delayed or doesn't occur, Daysy will display more red and yellow days. Using Daysy will allow you to directly observe the changes that are happening to your cycle.

I have to get up frequently during the night because I have a baby. Can I use Daysy?

Yes, but we do recommend that you sleep 3-4 hours before measuring. If you don't get that during certain nights, there is no reason for concern. Daysy can handle skipped measurements from time to time.

My sleeping intervals are irregular (rotating work shifts, getting up at night, sleeping in on the weekend etc). Is Daysy also suited for me?

Yes. Daysy has been designed for women like you. Simply take your temperature when you wake up. Daysy only registers one measurement after 18 hours have passed since your last reading.

How long does it take to measure?

It takes between 30 and 60 seconds on average.

How do I switch Daysy off?

Daysy automatically switches off after 60 seconds.

Is it possible to delete individual measurements?

No. Daysy only records the first daily measurement. If you have concerns about a reading, please contact our customer service team.

Do I have to measure at the same time every day?

No. What is important is that you measure immediately upon waking after getting 3-4 consecutive hours of sleep, before getting up and being active.

Can I have sex before measuring?

No, the measurement should be done right after waking, before you get up or become active. If you forget, just skip the measurement. You can trust Daysy's fertility status for the day, as she will remain cautious if she doesn't have the data she needs.

I wrongly entered that I am currently menstruating. Can I change it?

You can change menstruation data for the same day by turning Daysy on and pressing and holding the activation button until the purple/blue light is no longer solidly lit. In the DaysyView app, you can edit your menstruation data for up to 3 days.

How do I know when I am fertile?

When Daysy displays a red light, it means that you are fertile. You can check your status anytime by activating Daysy. If you are looking to avoid pregnancy, yellow lights should also be treated as potentially fertile days.

How can I get to more green days?

Measure as regularly as possible. The more data Daysy receives from you, the more green days she can display.

How do I enter that I am menstruating?

Turn on Daysy. Press the activation button a second time and hold it until the purple light on the right side of Daysy's activation ring comes on and is solidly lit. Daysy will also give you acoustic confirmation.

Can I use Daysy during breastfeeding?

Yes, Daysy can be used while breastfeeding. Daysy will stay yellow until the first menstruation is entered postpartum, and barrier methods (e.g. condoms or diaphragms) are necessary to avoid pregnancy during this time. Once you enter your first period, Daysy will display fewer red and yellow days in the following 2-4 cycles as Daysy gets to know your unique cycle rhythm.

Questions about my cycle

My cycle fluctuates. What happens if my cycle is longer/shorter than normal length?

Daysy expects a certain amount of normal irregularity. Daysy can handle cycles from 19-40 days with her sophisticated algorithm. The statistics in the app display the ovulation range. If your ovulation fluctuates by more than 4 days or if your cycle length lies outside the 19 - 40 day range, please contact our team of experts.

What if I am not getting my period?

It is normal for cycles to fluctuate. If you're unsure, feel free to contact our customer service.

Does my diet affect my cycle?

Certain "strict" diets can lead to cycle irregularities, often times causing your period to come later. If you're unsure, reach out to our support team.

Does the "morning-after pill" affect my cycle?

Yes. It's different for every woman and often depends upon where you are in your cycle when it is taken. If you took the morning-after pill, please stop measuring and wait for your next, natural period. If you experience spotting (which is very common), do not enter this as your period. Only enter that you are currently menstruating when having active bleeding and flow associated with your period. Please use caution/barrier methods for the duration of the current cycle and the green days received upon entering the next menstruation. For more information, please contact our customer service team.

My cycle is irregular. Can I still use Daysy?

Yes. Daysy has been developed to safely recognize cycles that range between 19 and 40 days. However, using Daysy with extreme fluctuations would lead to a higher number of red/yellow days. Fluctuations of up to several days are no problem for Daysy. If you have questions about your unique cycle, please reach out to our team of experts.

Do common pain medications (such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Paracetamol, ACC) have an influence on my basal temperature?

No, over-the-counter pain medication will not influence the measurements. The common additional antifebrile effect does not influence the basal temperature. However, please do not temp if you're using these medications to control a fever. If you're unsure, please contact our customer service.

Which medication can influence my measurements?

Only very few (hormone-free) medications have a direct influence on your measurements, but often the reason why you are taking medication can influence your temperature (e.g. fever or stress). Hormonal medication will influence your temperature and should under no circumstances be taken in combination with Daysy. If you're unsure, consult with your doctor or contact our customer service.

What are some of the typical things that can influence the measurements?

The typical influences on your temperature and cycle include:

● excessive amounts of alcohol ● sleep deprivation ● disease or illness ● chronic physical or emotional stress ● significant exercise ● strict dietary restrictions / starvation ● malnutrition ● travel

Once you know the cause, many irregularities in your cycle are easy to reverse. Feel free to reach out to our customer service to discuss your temperature curve.

Technical Questions & Troubleshooting

My smartphone doesn't have an audio outlet for headphones. Can I still synchronize Daysy with the app?

Yes, use an adapter that fits your smartphone, but stick with Daysy's connecting cable.

Can my measurements get lost?

No. Daysy records all your data and keeps it safe. If you have synchronized Daysy with DaysyView, you can also store your data online to keep it safe in case Daysy gets lost or stolen. If that happens, please contact customer service.

Daysy didn't take my temperature. What do I have to do?

If Daysy finishes a measurement by vibrating, repeat the measurement. Make sure to hold Daysy still and your mouth closed while you take your temperature. Please note the cable cannot be inserted into Daysy while recording a reading.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life of the battery we supply with your order is about 2 years. Daysy's activation ring will signal a weak battery with rapid blinking. Please exchange the battery within 2 days as instructed in the manual.

What type of battery do I need and where can I get it?

Daysy uses a CR2032 battery which can be purchased anywhere standard batteries are sold.

How can I clean Daysy?

If necessary, clean Daysy's sensor tip with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent. Daysy is not waterproof. You can also find all relevant information on cleaning Daysy in the manual.

Where can I order spare parts (cable, protective cap, etc.)?

Please contact your local distributor for spare parts.

My measuring sensor is broken. What should I do?

Please contact your local customer service to discuss next steps.

The connection between Daysy and DaysyView is not working. What can I do?

Make sure that you are following the correct order of steps to facilitate synchronization. Please contact your local customer service team if you have further trouble.

I can't open the battery compartment.

Please use a coin and turn the cap counter-clockwise to open the battery compartment.

I dropped my Daysy. What should I do?

Please contact your local customer service.

I took out the battery. What happened to my data?

The battery should not be removed for no reason. If Daysy's battery loses contact, it will stay yellow until the next menstruation is entered. The data you have already saved within Daysy is still there.

Is it possible that my temperature rises too sharply?

Not really. On average, a woman's temperature increases by 0.3 degrees. If yours rises by more than 0.5 degrees on average, please contact our customer service.

My temperature rises just ever so slightly. What does it mean?

If for some reason, the increase in temperature is very low, Daysy will switch to displaying red days for a longer period, before switching to yellow days and, eventually, back to green days. A low rise in temperature can be an indication of a hormonal condition. During anovulatory cycles, no rise in temperature is registered because ovulation did not occur. Corpus luteum insufficiency (CLI) is another possible reason for a low or indeterminable rise in temperature, because the body doesn't produce sufficient progesterone to make the basal body temperature (BBT) rise. Menopausal women can also register lower increases in temperature, because their estradiol and progesterone values are declining.

Do hot weather or air conditioning have an influence on the measurement?

No, since you measure below the tongue, these factors have no influence on the measurement.