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How to avoid pregnancy naturally? Discover more options.

How to prevent a pregnancy naturally!

You certainly know that there are numerous options to effectively prevent a pregnancy. The most time-consuming, expensive and final of them is the removal of the ovaries, or a vasectomy for men. But these surgical measures are usually only considered once a couple wants no more kids, or if they are required for medical reasons.  Most women need better alternatives to prevent a pregnancy.

How to avoid a pregnancy with hormones

In addition to the surgical option, there exist, in principle, three more methods that allow you to prevent a pregnancy with a high level of efficiency. One of the most popular methods works through artificial female hormones that cause ovulation to cease and no uterine lining to be built up. As soon as you stop ovulating, you can no longer get pregnant. But hormonal birth control only works if it is taken regularly. It is enough to forget one pill for the remaining cycle to be unsafe. Taking other drugs such as antibiotics, infections such as the flu, and even certain foods can have a negative influence on the effectiveness of hormonal birth control.

The intake of hormones can also cause side effects. The most common side effects are headaches and migraines, mood swings, and a lack of libido. That does not exclude other side effects and risks beyond these. When in doubt, seek advice from your gynaecologist and study your product's instructions carefully before using it.

how to avoid pregnancyhow to avoid pregnancy

Barrier method - contraception as required

Barrier methods such as the condom, the diaphragm, and the cervical cap build a mechanical barrier. They have in common that they prevent pregnancies by making sure that sperm do not reach the uterus. These methods do not interfere with your body hormones and have no lasting effect on your body. You only use them as required.

The disadvantage of condoms and others is that their safety very strongly depends on their correct use. A condom can rip when wrongly applied. A diaphragm has to be in the correct position and should be used with spermicide for an accurate level of safety. Many couples further consider contraception with barrier methods as disruptive and would like to ban condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps from their love life every now and then.

Copper IUD and intrauterine pessary – contraception with copper ions

The copper IUD or intrauterine pessary is a special case, because it does not really construct a proper barrier, is free of hormones and nonetheless prevents the fertilisation and nestling in of the ovary. The copper ions inside it suspend the sperm and cause the ovary to be less able to get nestled in properly. The copper IUD does, however, have to be inserted properly and controlled regularly, as it is a foreign object and thus a permanent source of infection. Just like the hormonal IUD it remains inside the uterus permanently where it will likely, as a foreign object, at times cause problems.

Preventing a pregnancy with natural family planning

The third method follows an entirely different approach, is free of hormones and side effects, and gives you the option to use contraception that works in harmony with your natural female rhythm. Natural family planning allows you to prevent a pregnancy naturally by calculating your fertile days and then either using a barrier methods or not having sex on those days. On your infertile days, however, nothing interferes with your love life. The method of natural family planning is based on the scientific fact that every woman is only fertile during a few days of her cycle. In addition to the day of ovulation, you can also get pregnant up to 5 days before, because that is how long the sperm can wait for the egg inside the fallopian tubes. This also means that on all other days, you are not fertile and cannot get pregnant. If you succeed in knowing as precisely as possible when your fertile days are, you can use this knowledge to learn how to avoid a pregnancy.

It is possible to calculate your fertile days manually, but the temperature method, analysing the cervical mucus and feeling your cervix are all quite time-consuming and prone to errors when not done meticulously and regularly. But because we want you to harness the benefits of natural family planning, we developed Daysy for you. Daysy is a highly modern fertility tracker that calculates your fertile and infertile days with an accuracy of 99,4%. It works really simple: All you have to do is take your temperature below the tongue every morning while you're still in bed. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds for the beep, and answer if you are currently on your period. That's it, you're done! Right away, Daysy displays your fertility status via a colourful light. What you do with knowing it – that is up to you! With Daysy you can decide every day anew if and how to prevent a pregnancy.