Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you have to use contraception.

The ovulation cycle: Discover more about your body!

With Daysy you get to know your individual ovulation cycle.

The monthly cycle is an important component of your femininity and your body. In many complex and interacting processes, it enables the creation of new life. Even when you are not currently ready for a baby, it helps to know your own cycle to regain a feeling of closeness to your own body. Every woman's monthly cycle is essentially the same but still individually different. The order of appearance of the main phases is always the same. But the length of the individual phases such as the duration of the period or the interval until ovulation vary from woman to woman. Knowledge of your monthly cycle can help you to conduct your life in harmony with your natural rhythm and use contraception only when required. Because if you know when you are fertile, you also know when to use contraception. If you want, Daysy can be your straightforward assistant in calculating your fertility.

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Calculating a woman's monthly cycle with Daysy

Daysy is a highly modern cycle monitor that can calculate a woman's monthly cycle with an accuracy of 99,3%. All you have to do is measure your basal temperature before you get up in the morning. You activate Daysy via the push of a button, put the test prod underneath your tongue and wait until a signal declares that the measurement is over. In addition to the measurement, Daysy might ask you to confirm that you have your period. That too is done via the simple push of a button. Done! Daysy now displays your fertile status for the next 24 hours. The display is a colourful light that is either red, green or yellow. Yellow will be shown to you mainly during Daysy's learning phase. When the red light is showing, it means that you are currently fertile and should be using contraception such as a condom or a diaphragm when you want to have sex. Is Daysy, however, showing you a green light, that means that you are not currently fertile and do not need to think about contraception on that day.

Monthly ovulation cycle: Consciously enjoy being a woman

Daysy does not only help you to determine the days on which you need to be using contraception. With Daysy, you gain a new understanding of what is going on in your body. Also, you can avoid hormonal methods of contraception. This way, you give your body the chance to get back to the natural rhythm it might have lost due to the artificial hormones.

If you do not only want to know whether you are currently fertile or not, the free app DaysyView shows you lots of additional interesting information about your monthly cycle on your smartphone. You can get a look at your temperature curve or a preview of the next month. This helps you to adjust the timing of your free time even better to your monthly cycle and to make time for two during your infertile phases.

Let Daysy calculate your monthly cycle and enjoy a hormone-free life in unison with your female body!