Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you have to use contraception.

Birth control without side effects - simple and safe

Daysy gives you extreme planning safety. You will know exactly when to use contraception and be able to say goodbye to hormonal birth control.

To many women, the topic of birth control is like a red rag to a bull: hormonal types of birth control such as the pill, the 3-month-injection, the hormonal IUD, or the hormonal rod cause partially severe side effects and have turned into controversial topics for long-term use. The hormones in them do not only suppress your body's natural cycle, they also influence your metabolism and your psyche. Women who take hormonal birth control over longer periods of time often report mood swings, loss of libido, migraines, and weight gain.

Beyond that, hormonal types of birth control such as the pill also increase the risk for thrombosis and are suspected to increase the risk for different types of cancer. Now you no longer need to live with these risks and side effects of birth control: Daysy offers you the option of using a natural method of contraception during your fertile phase - without side effects, and with an accuracy of 99,4%.

side effects of birth controlside effects of birth control

Enjoy being in charge of your fertility, without the side effects of birth control!

Natural contraception can be as safe as the pill and others, once you know precisely when you are fertile. The fertility tracker Daysy is among the safest of them all with its Pearl Index of 0,6. It is entirely free of side effects and very easy to use. With Daysy, your natural hormonal balance is maintained and your cycle is not disrupted. Enjoy being yourself again and finding back to a natural feeling inside your body. If you were on the pill for several years, you will be surprised by how your body feels without foreign hormones. An increase in libido back to its original level is the only potential side-effect you can expect from Daysy.

Natural birth control without side effects is easy with Daysy. Just take your morning basal temperature underneath your tongue using Daysy’s highly sensitive test prod and confirm via the push of a button if you currently have your period. Right away, Daysy displays your current fertility status. Did we mention how simple it is? Daysy is based on the scientific grounds of „Natural Family Planning (NFP)“. This method relies on the fact that every woman can only get pregnant during a few days of every month. With modern software, an enormous database and experience from 30 years of research and development, Daysy offers you safety at very high standards without the side effects of birth control.

Enjoy life with birth control, but without side effects

You will quickly get used to Daysy and soon no longer want to live without it. Daysy does not only offer you the knowledge about your fertile and infertile days, but also brings you closer to your body and your personal cycle. The convenient and free app DaysyView displays your cycle on your smartphone and allows you to take personal notes. You will receive interesting information about the natural rhythm of your body and learn to better understand its signals in the future.

In addition, DaysyView lets you look at a prognosis of next month's cycle. You will know in advance during which days you can have carefree sex and on which days you require additional contraception. By adjusting your life to your cycle just a little bit better, you can live unburdened and in harmony with yourself.