Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you need to use contraception.

Switch to non hormonal birth control with the fertility monitor Daysy

Discover how hormone free birth control benefits your health

Switching to non hormonal birth control makes a lot of sense when you consider the effects of synthetic hormones on the body. If you live a healthy lifestyle and apply your awareness of what you eat, drink, and use to your birth control, choosing hormone free birth control is just the next logical step. The switch might also have become necessary for you: You might experience physical, psychological or sexual side effects from hormonal birth control and seek hormone free alternatives simply to feel better. Daysy is a modern fertility monitor that takes your morning basal body temperature and displays your fertility status. When using Daysy, you will always know when to use contraception, and when it is safe to have unprotected sex. But Daysy can do even more: Using Daysy to track your cycle and symptoms can be the key to unlocking your long-term health. Once you go hormone free, experiencing your natural hormones will help you to find the sources of many of the health issues you may be struggling with.

non hormonal birth controlnon hormonal birth control

Go back to ovulating

Hormonal birth control works by suppressing ovulation. But ovulation is not just about making a baby, it’s also a crucial factor for long-term bone, heart, and breast health. Experiencing your natural hormones produced by ovulation has also been proven to provide mouth-to-mouth good moods, energy, an increased desire for sex, and an easier and pain-free period, without PMS. Cycles during which no ovulation takes place are called anovulatory cycles, and post-pill syndrome is one possible cause. Other causes include stress, strict diets, and conditions like PCOS. For most women, a change in diet and lifestyle is enough to start ovulating again. Coming off the pill and tracking your basal body temperature with Daysy is the first step towards finding out if and when you are ovulating.

Keep track and take charge of your health

Knowing your basal body temperature and keeping records on your smartphone can even help you to get better medical care. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that all women keep their own records to assist their doctor in diagnosing issues in reproductive health. Like blood tests, the values that Daysy measures and records for you deliver a historical overview of your health, and knowing your values will allow you to become an active participant in your own healthcare. Making your own observations and keeping track of them also allows you to self-diagnose and adjust your lifestyle choices to your findings. Does alcohol make your PMS worse? How about the effects of sugar? Use Daysy’s free app DaysyView for your smartphone or tablet to note down symptoms like spotting, bloating, or cramps, and be less surprised by what your body does from here on out.

Detect a possible thyroid condition early

One in 5 women are believed to have thyroid conditions that can lead to weight gain, hair loss, depression, anxiety and fatigue. The effects on your cycle range from heavy periods, short cycles, or multiples periods in a month, to miscarriages during pregnancy. Yet thyroid condition often goes undiagnosed in women, and tracking the basal body temperature is the best way of diagnosing. Below or above normal values of basal body temperature are a strong indicator of a thyroid issue. Taking your morning basal body temperature with Daysy is the easiest way of taking charge of your health. Synchronize Daysy with the free app DaysyView to see your full charts, and print or send them to your doctor. Early diagnosis of thyroid conditions is the key to receiving the right treatment.

Daysy can do more for you than let you go hormone free. It will assist in fixing your ovulation, help you get better health care and reliably deliver key indicators of your overall health. And thanks to Daysy, you will always know when you are currently fertile and need to use contraception. Go back to your natural hormones with Daysy: it’s easy, quick, and 100% free of side effects.