Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you have to use contraception.

Natural birth control with the fertility tracker Daysy

Live to the beat of your natural female cycle and prevent pregnancies without hormonal birth control

Are you interested in natural birth control and a future life of hormone-free birth contraception? Or are you playing with the idea of getting pregnant? Daysy can assist you with both of those goals, all-natural and without any physical interference with your body.

Natural birth control is based on the knowledge that a woman only has a short fertile window in her cycle and cannot get pregnant outside that window. The goal is to determine this fertile window as accurately as possible to either safely prevent or consciously opt for a pregnancy. Daysy does all the work of analyzing and evaluating your data and can tell you with a precision of 99,4% for every day whether you can get pregnant on that particular day. The rest is up to you. You can decide to use additional barrier methods for contraception on your fertile days to prevent a pregnancy, or to consciously have unprotected sex during your fertile days to increase the likelihood of a pregnancy.

How natural birth control works

The conventional FAM consists of manually calculating your fertile days based on a number of physical signs. It involves taking and charting your basal temperature every single morning. From these collected data, you draw a temperature curve that delivers your first indication of your fertile and infertile days. If you are looking to use FAM for natural birth control, you should also analyze your cervical fluid daily. Its consistency changes over the course of your cycle and gives you another indication of when you will be ovulating.

FAM combines the temperature method with the analysis of the cervical fluid and after two to three months of practicing, you will eventually receive a relatively clear picture. If that sounds rather complicated to you, we agree. What we need is an alternative to a method that is time-intensive and also prone to errors when not properly done. That alternative is Daysy!

Daysy: Natural birth control with modern technology

The fertility computer Daysy combines the FAM with modern software and measuring technology. All Daysy needs from you to reliably tell you when you are fertile is your morning basal temperature. After taking that temperature under your tongue using Daysy's highly sensitive test prod and letting Daysy know whether you are currently menstruating via the push of a button, you're done for the day. No further analysis needed! Daysy's software is based on 5 million analyzed female cycles and delivers a very safe result starting the very first day of use. You will learn as much about your body as with conventional FAM, but without the time-intensive commitment that comes with it. With the app DaysyView, you can have your cycle data with you on your smartphone at all times and even share these with your partner or review them with your doctor.

If conventional FAM struck you as too demanding in the past, you now have the perfect solution with Daysy. From now on, you can choose natural birth control: entirely free of hormones, side-effects or invasive procedures. The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and Daysy are a fantastic opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards your body and learn to better understand its signals. This will also help you if you are trying to get pregnant.

With Daysy, you will find it easy to figure out the best time to be with your partner and increase the likelihood to get pregnant quickly. Planning your free time in accordance with your cycle will be just as easy with a preview of next month in Daysy's app. Enjoy all the advantages of the Fertility Awareness Method while benefiting from a quick, simple and safe device.