Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you need to use contraception.

Is low dose birth control any better than the regular kind?

If you’re looking for low hormone birth control, what you really need is no-hormone birth control with Daysy

Hormonal birth control has many potential known side effects, but what about low estrogen birth control? The promise of low dose birth control sounds intriguing at first, in particular for women who have experienced negative side effects before. Are low dose hormonal birth control methods any better, such as IUDs that are advertised to only act „locally“, inside the uterus? All hormonal methods of birth control, even low hormone birth control, works by suppressing the body’s own hormones and replacing them with a constant stream of synthetic hormones. The consequences of shutting down your natural cycle are the same regardless of the dose of hormones that is delivered to your body. Low dose birth control pills have even been found to bear a greater risk for blood clots than higher dose birth control pills.

Pille mit wenig Hormonen.jpglow hormone birth control

A low dose of something bad is still not good for you

Why does the term low dose sound appealing in the first place? Low hormone birth control sounds like a healthier option, based on the assumption that hormones, regardless of whether they are in your food or in your birth control, are something you want to avoid wherever possible. And you can! Hormone free birth control has never been easier than with Daysy. Daysy is a sophisticated fertility monitor that displays your daily fertility status just by knowing your basal body temperature. It lets you know when you need to use contraception such as a condom or a diaphragm, without interfering with your body and its natural cycle. Daysy is 100% natural and reliable, free of hormones or side effects, and quick and easy to use.

Why choose low dose birth control, when you can go hormone free?

If a product is advertised as containing only a low dose of its key ingredient, you may want to avoid the key ingredient altogether. A low dose of synthetic hormones in your birth control, much like a low dose of tar in cigarettes, should not convince you. Why should you choose low estrogen birth control, if you have natural estrogen and Daysy to tell you your fertility status? Rather than settle for fewer side effects, choose no side effects and feel better!

Using Daysy will allow your body to go back to producing its own hormones. And thanks to Daysy, you will always know when you are currently fertile and need to use contraception, with 99,4% accuracy! Choose hormone free birth control and Daysy: it‘s easy, quick, and safe - and 100% free of side effects.