Daysy Team

Our international team of daysy helpers works closely together to make Daysy the best fertility management solution worldwide.

Core Team

Andrea de Groot Customer Service

Andrea is a mother of two. After a brief time working as a banker, in which she almost died of boredom, she went back to traveling the world as a journalist. Today she handles customer service for Europe.

+4944217759000 | M.I.S.S. GmbH, Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany

Angela Reed Office Supervisor & Sales

Angela is a wife and mother of two, who is always on the go with a great sense of humor, no nonsense work ethic and heart as big as the moon. She works in the US Office helping to make sure your daysy arrives to you safely and on time, and keeping the office in smooth running order.

1.877.925.5239 | Valley Electronics LLC, Centreville, MD, United States of America

Claudia Reichardt Customer Support & Sales

Claudia loves taking care of her customers and is happy when everybody likes Daysy as much as she does. In her free-time she’s always on the road and loves that she can take Daysy with her everywhere she goes.

+41 44 577 68 69 | Valley Electronics AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Holly Grigg-Spall Marketing Consultant and Blog Editor

When she came off the birth control pill after 10 years in 2009, Holly decided to write a blog about the experience. That blog became a series of articles, and then book, "Sweetening the Pill," which then inspired a feature documentary, currently in production and executive produced by Ricki Lake. She is a fertility awareness and body literacy advocate and educator, a Daysy enthusiast, and excited to help more women come off the birth control pill and find a natural, effective alternative.

Jessica Griger COO

As the COO of the US office, she enjoys introducing women to daysy and educating them on how their bodies “really” work. In her spare time, you’ll find her on the farm with her husband, kids, horses, and other animals in the menagerie.

1.877.925.5239 | Valley Electronics LLC, Centreville, MD, United States of America

Laurine Rainer Sales & Technical Support

Laurine ensures that your newly purchased Daysy will arrive safely in your hands. She also supports you with any questions you may have.

If Daysy has an emergency and needs technical assistance Laurine will take her in for technical care.

Lea Knarr Director of Customer Relations

As the Director of Customer Relations for the US office, Lea enjoys helping our customers resolve some of their most personal questions and concerns and assisting them along their path of natural family planning. In her spare time, you’ll find her palling around with her cheeky daughter, her husband, and their very handsome bulldog.

1.877.925.5239 | Valley Electronics LLC, Centreville, MD, United States of America

Melissa Bright Customer Support & Sales

Melissa is a natural health enthusiast who is thrilled to be part of this company where she can aid customers in managing their own fertility without drugs or implanted devices. A wife, mother, and grandmother, she enjoys living in the country with her family, community, and animals while being connected around the world with women who are making the choice for natural health.

1.877.925.5239 | Valley Electronics LLC, Centreville, MD, United States of America

Nadine Mascarenhas Customer Service and language genius

Nadine is half Portuguese half German and knows five languages in total. She belongs to our Zurich Team and can answer any question you might have. She is mother of a boy and keeps always cool in hectic situation. If you don't find her in the office she is always enjoying the outside.

Natalie Rechberg-Egly CEO and Founder

Natalie holds the international Daysy-Team together. She oversees the companies, is responsible for product quality, product development and worldwide distribution.

For her the customer is King, they help us to get better and better, we listen to our customers to be able to offer the best product and service in fertility management.

+41 44 577 68 69 | Valley Electronics AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Niels van de Roemer Medical Director

Niels is a scientist with a PhD in biology. He is the revolving door between the customer and external experts, such as gynecologist and fertility experts which advise us in the further development of daysy. One of his main objectives is to bundle scientific information and provide it to our customers.

Silvia Capadura Macrobiotic Consultant, Customer Service in Italian & Social Media.

Silvia loves heath and nutrition and she strongly believes that food is the pillar of health. She found out Daysy and suddenly fell in love. It was the missing piece of her totally natural lifestyle. In her spare time you can find her reading on her couch, journalling and taking care of her garden.

+4944217759000 | M.I.S.S. GmbH, Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany

Ursula Demarchi Customer Support

Ursula is our expert for our Swiss customers as well as the menstrual cycle analyses, service support and customer care.

+41 44 577 68 69 | Valley Electronics AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Extended Team

Patrick Boito Marketing Coordinator

Patrick supports Valley Electronics with Marketing, Communication and Advertisement.